3 steps forward, 5 steps back and a little break down in-between

Do you ever feel like you’re doing about 5 steps backwards in life and everybody else seems to be doing a good 10, long, eff off lunges forward?

It’s so incredibly easy for people to judge- not even knowing they are necessarily judging- where/what/who? you are in your life.

There are always the basic areas like, what job you have? Can you drive- if so what car you drive? And then it gets to the deeper elements of- have you got a house? Are you saving? Are you in serious relationship? Are you wanting a family? Are you in a job that full-fills that degree you’ve spent years doing? NO. For goodness sake what is this ludicrous pressure. This enormous weight that people in their teens, 20’s, 30’s whatever age, carry on their shoulders and leads to so much extra stress, anxiety and depression. As a good friend always says to me ‘you do you’.

For me, I may be wrong, but you cannot simply rush life. Happiness isn’t about finding your favourite shoes in the sale, and breaking all your bloody toes to fit into them because they’re simply 2 sizes too small (think Jen from the IT crowd).

It’s about waiting and maybe even more waiting, it’s about patience, persistence and something else being with p that sounds fitting.

Like, for example, I had a cracking job that I loved, it was a bit arty farty, not too stressful and it suited me. However through the months of working there, unfortunately there was a pretty nasty guy. Anyway without going into too much detail, it got to the point where I had to leave because I was being badly bullied. Again going back to that shoe fitting nonsense I was rabbiting on about… it didn’t fit, it looked good, but didn’t feel good one bit. You can’t surround yourself with toxic people and environments and expect a happy outcome.

I follow so many delightful people on social media that rightly and beautifully share their achievements, life changes and everything in between. It’s very easy to compare your life to theirs. I definitely do it. I’m like ‘oh my god Candice is getting married with Steve and she’s got this amazing house with this dog and baby on the way *breath* AND I swear she’s only just got that promotion at Art R Us’. And without sounding ridiculously bitter because I love seeing things like this- just bring yourself back to reality and remember people show you what they want you to see. Bloody hell I do it, I’m not going to post a picture of me from the other night having a full on melt down, fat bit of macaroni cheese dangling from my mouth, watching FleaBag am I?

What I’m trying to say is everybody has ‘life’

L – life

I – ife

F – fe


no I’m kidding (just throwing in some friends in there)

Or as the Cambridge Dictionary very bluntly puts it :

It gets us all. The good, bad and the ugly of life. Candice could be struggling with servilely bad mental health problems. She could have just had angry customers aggressively throwing freshly sharpened pencils at her. She could have just had to pick up a ginormous shit the dog had treated her to in the hall way. You just never really know what’s going on in a persons life, is what I’m getting at.

I follow this one girl, and my god she is just fabulous. Her fashion, attitude, figure, hair, life style, I think I actually have a bit of a crush on her. But it’s got the point now where rather me following her for inspiration and ideas, every time I see her posts I compare her to myself. This mind set definitely needs to stop. It’s not logical and it’s certainly not healthy. You be you. You are your own person, warts and all. Bloody embrace it. Because I BET there are people who see you and feel inspired without you even knowing it.

When writing this blog, which has taken me bloody ages guys because I feel sooooo shitty in myself and it’s hard to find ANY motivation at all to move let alone chat away to myself, I started reading Fearne Cottons ‘Happy’ book. Ok, seriously it’s a must purchase. One chapter is called ‘The good, the bad and the ugly of social media’ and it is pretty much, (alot better than this) but it’s a similar concept.

Thanks for reading my little super stars. You’re all quite literally fabulous and don’t forget it. That’s it for me for now, catch you next week. Al xxx

‘The D Word’

Depression. There we go I said it. Phew, it’s out there. Something that far too many of us find hard to say or acknowledge exists, it’s like bloody Voldemort for some people?! Ok guys so the reason I am doing this blog post about depression is that I swore to myself that if I ever got the amount of lovely lovely people, like yourselves, reading my blogs, I would talk about it as it’s not only a part of my life but if more and more people could start talking or even blogging about it hopefully the stigma will slowly lift, gradually. Especially when over 300 million round the world suffer from it, I think it’s pretty important that it’s recognised don’t you?

I guess for me it’s not just feeling sad. It’s so many different elements, feelings and insecurities and everybody’s take on it can be so different from the person standing next to you. A lot of people don’t even know they have it, equally a lot of people know they have it and don’t know what to do about it. Some people find it comforting to talk about and other people would rather sit on a fat ass cactus then to even mention it. And sometimes the easiest thing to do is try and pretend it simply doesn’t exist. However no matter what your experience, it’s your own, its personal to you and there is no wrong or right way of how you choose to hold it.

Along with the stigma of ‘The D word’ there is also immense amounts of pressure to have answers, know how to talk about it, notice when other people are going through it?! No. There is no wrong or right way of doing any of them things, you’re simply putting additional unneeded stress and pressure on yourself. Let the answers come to you and let the way you choose to talk about it come to you.

I think one of the truest/ realist quotes I have ever read is that ‘We live in a world where if you break your arm everybody runs over to sign your cast. But if you tell people that you are depressed everyone runs the other way. We are so so accepting of any body parts breaking down other than our brains. And that’s ignorance. That’s pure ignorance. And that ignorance has created a world that doesn’t understand depression, that doesn’t understand mental health.’

It’s becoming more and more spoken about which in my opinion is amazing however it’s effing difficult and it’s not something to be spoken about lightly. It can come in waves, it can be suffocating, it can be unbearably intense. However some days it can ease, it can be like a fog slowly lifting however as soon as it can be lifted it can come flooding back. Hold on to the fact life is ever changing, feelings aren’t necessarily permanent and it really is okay to feel whatever you need to feel.

I find it utterly fascinating that people think there needs to be a reason to be ‘depressed’. Don’t get me wrong obviously there can be triggers, reasons, history however they should never need to be explained or justified. Everybody is beautifully different, there shouldn’t be this bizarre pressure to reason with something in your mind that might not actually make any sense to you. Its frustrating enough trying to understand it yourself never-mind the constant audience of ‘why do you feel like this’ ‘is there anything actually making you feel like this?’

Little Alice flashback for you… I went to the doctors not too long ago to talk about how I was feeling, I went through the things that were making me feel down and fascinatingly I got asked by the doctor ‘is that it’ followed by ‘are you sure it’s not the January blues’. Come on really?!?! We’ve got to 2019 and we are asking are you sure it’s not the January blues?!?! Bloody Nora. It’s really no wonder people find it uncomfortable to talk about if that’s the kind of patronising condescending ‘helpful advise’ they are being given.

The happiest looking people can actually be the unhappiest, the most depressed people can actually feel the numbest. Everybody handles and feels things so differently. It’s so important to always be kind and try and remember you’re not alone. Constantly push yourself, do things that keep you focused. Try something new every week, do things that give you adrenaline and most importantly put yourself first.

Little book shout out for you ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig guys this man is an actual genius and is actually what inspired me to finally publish this blog post. Unbelievably relatable and made me felt more human just in the first few page. Also ‘How To Stop Time’ in fact any of his books are incredible. Something else that’s helped me recently is the Calm app – sounds pretty cliche but definitely a help with us anxious Ali’s out there.

Anyway enough of me blabbering, putting the world to rights! I definitely don’t have any answers and like I said myself earlier, that’s ok. But acknowledging, talking and simply listening go so much further than perhaps realised. Little Munday mission for your week, smile at a stranger. Sounds so simple but something that isn’t done enough. Whether it’s on your miserable Monday bus ride home, or on your wild mid week cocktail session (nearly went a blog without mentioning a cocktail there.. who am I?!) just smile. Make that person feel seen. I mean don’t be weird about it and stare at them for 10 minutes straight but just go out of your way to make a person feel recognised. Over and out, Love Al x

Sunshine Style Steal

Well hello my scrumptious darlings. I’m in a simply wonderful mood today and thought I’d spread this good feeling and do a cheeky blog post. Thank goodness the sunshine has come out and we can finally reorganise our wardrobes. Throwing them jumpers that we have endlessly be reusing and shoving them in the bottom draw to rediscover so many clothes we’d forgot we even had.

I had a wardrobe clear out last week (definitely not my idea *cough, Will, cough*) is it just me who finds it quite a painful process? I try to cling onto everything I can, because in the back of my mind I’m like ‘But what happens if this 3-sizes-too small dress comes in handy for a ‘who can wear the most unfitted’ fancy dress party? or ‘Aw no I can’t get rid of this I wore it for my 18th birthday, its got too many memories.’ No Alice. Its ridiculous. You’ve got to be ruthless.

Even with the amount of clothes I have building in my wardrobe I can never help looking, maybe buying some, especially when it comes to summer bits.

What I’m looooooving-

  • Polka Dots
  • Embroidery
  • Shift Dresses
  • Light Pink Dresses
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 09.46.42.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.02.00.png



Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 09.59.20.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 09.48.59.png



Displaying 0D325FFB-A83C-4485-9DC0-ED8EB685ED80.jpg

You really can’t go wrong with a pink number. I feel the colour is so flattering and appropriate for any summer occasion. I’ve recently bought the Boohoo Corduroy dress. What. A. Dream. It’s a little thick for 30 degree heat wave (I tried it and was sweating to the point where it could have been mistaken that I was in a brutal water fight with myself and lost) however its beautiful for when the weather is nice with the 3 quarter length arms and above the knee cut. It also comes in black and a maroon colour.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.20.23.png
Nasty Gal
Motel Rocks

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 13.05.01

There are so many gorgeous polka dot style dresses around at the moment. I have the Motel Rocks black and white polka dot and can quite easily wear it casually or whack on some heels and you’ve got a completely different look. ASOS also does such a great range of different polka dot outfits, you’re never short of choice.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.35.36.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.32.32.png

If you’re struggling for summer bargain this year because you’re having to save for a that summer holiday or feeling the strain of Uni life then I’ve found some bits that you might like.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.44.42.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.48.49.png
Yellow Floral Print Tie Front Skater Dress- NEW LOOK £19.99
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.01.06.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.03.15.png

The summer sales are always worth looking at online, especially the Zara/Pull & Bear/Bershka/Mango sale, I could spend hours scrolling through it. However I am not so keen on a shop sale, also known as a sale that’s in a shop. H-e-a-v-e-n-s. Its like Primark on a Saturday, no worse, its like going to Asda when its hot weather and the day before Father’s day. I’m honestly still trying to recover from that traumatic experience.

Queuing for nearly an hour to get to into Asda. Asda. Theres so many supermarkets nearby, but no, hundreds of us decide that’s the place we all want to cram into. But guys that wasn’t the worst of it, when I finally fought for a trolley I was welcomed by angry, slightly aggressive, food hunting vultures everywhere. I swear to god I nearly had to get nasty and slap one womans hand away when trying to get my spinach, greedy swine, get your own bag. And don’t even get me started when I went down the alcohol aisle. It’s like as soon as it goes over 18 degrees the whole nation needs a drink, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m including myself in that but these people were a different species of drinkers, they were what I like to call ‘the savage wineys’. I don’t know if any of you have come across them before, but they have their fuck off trolley and press it right against the aisle so you are unable to look at any of the wine. But on these busy days they are some how worse, more of them, somehow bigger trolleys? I have no problem with this, but then when 1. you try to get round/on top/ under their trolly, they don’t move, they stubbornly make no attempt to move themselves or their trolly. 2. You move their trolly, don’t do this kids. This is where the word savage comes into play. I left the shop forgetting half of my food shop, a little shaky and reassured that’s why you don’t go food shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

Let’s Talk Lips

Happy April to my lovely Munday Feeling readers! How the ruddy hell are you all? Thank goodness better weather is on its way. Well… hopefully? Who can tell with this ridiculously unpredictable English weather? I’m finding it such a struggle (‘I’m’ meaning Will) to get decent ‘outfit blogger shots’ as using different areas of my house with slightly different backgrounds is fine, the only trouble with doing this is our house is still a working progress so there’s always that risk of lopsided photo frames and half painted walls getting in the shot. I’m so envious seeing all these beautiful bloggers in the sunshine sipping on their cocktails, lying on the beach or even just looking like they have actually seen daylight. If I try anywhere other than my house for a cheeky photo shoot there’s no hope, just a grey rainy background with a cup of tea- and who wants to see that really? I’ve quite literally never been this thankful for fake tan, makeup and the prospect of sunshine…

Its spring/summer and I’m all about the nude/pink lip for this time of year. I’d even go as far as to say I’m into a bit of the cheeky lip gloss! Only when there is 0% chance of wind however, it’s always such a bastard experiencing ‘the hair-lipgloss reunion’. The endless struggle of trying to talk to somebody at a BBQ and the uncontrollable magnetic force between your lips and hair to create what can only be described as ‘the female beard’ and completely cutting the conversation short. Or daring to eat and ending up with worst combination of all time, ‘the crumb-lip with a side of hair’. The best thing about pinky tones I feel is they go perfectly with florals, lighter, brighter colours and never go out of style. I’ve linked you up with a mixed price of my fav lipsticks which vary between matte, liquid, balm and semi matte.

Here are a few of my favourites which I’m sure you’ve probably seen plastered all over my instagram…


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.11.20.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.16.24.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.03.27.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.18.56.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.21.36.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.24.42.png


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.07.02.png

Depending on how bold I want my lip, I often use eyeshadow to outline. Ok, hold up, eyeshadow? Alice, eyeshadow is for your eyes, its in the name hun. Now this little trick isn’t for everyone, but lipliner just doesn’t seem compatible with my lips? I either can’t quite get the right colour or it isn’t bold enough. So I’ve created myself an alternative. Using a hard angled brush (normally used for eyebrows) I dab the smallest amount of either matte brown or purple eyeshadow, depending what look I’m after, and very lightly outline my lip. Once done, using the same brush I lightly direct the brush inwards to blend, so the outline isn’t …


quite this harsh. I also blend around the corners of my mouth so that is really shows the depth and shape of my lips. However this may not be the way you do it, it might take you a few goes to see what suits your lips.

Heres a little step by step of what I find suits me- (here I’m using Latte Matte Smashbox and brown matte eyeshadow).

1. Apply lipstick

2. Add the eyeshadow outline

3. Blend the eyeshadow – essential

4. Add dream Matte mousse in inner lip for extra depth

As some of you lovely Munday readers already know, another one of my quirky top tips is adding ‘dream matte mousse’ on top of lipstick, I usually have it 2/3 shades lighter than my skin tone. This is something I often do as it makes your lipstick shade lighter, it also adds an extra ‘matte-ness’ (if that’s even a word). However, if you feel this isn’t the way for you, and that the dream matte mousse feels a little too heavy on your lips, drum roll please… Illamasqua has invented a lipstick to solve all your colour queries. Its called Eclipse. Mysterious right? Ok, so basically, put on your chosen colour lippy, feel it’s too dark? Put Eclipse over the top. Bam, sorted. It’s essentially a lightening lipstick. Brilliant if you’re doing an ombre lip or if you fancy a change in tone. It’s also ideal for any colour, red, orange, pink, whatever the lip, it’ll do the job. A brilliant invention for trying lots of different lipstick shades at a decent price.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 14.34.16.png

Norman with a splash of grey

Ok, lets take a second, can you actually believe its March!? How has this happened, it only felt like 2 seconds ago that we were all clinking our glasses celebrating New Year? February is always a bit of a peculiar month isn’t it, it takes you a while to get in that whole mind set of ‘move on from the bleak month which is January, better months are coming’ and BAM its March. Did February even happen?

So there is so much to catch up my lovely Munday readers. I have a house, duh I know we went through this last time Alice. But we are finally starting to get it decorated how we want it, and when I say that, it basically means every wall being painted either grey or white. I do sometimes go a little wild in the lounge and splash it up a little with a Primark mustard throw. Top tip: the Primark throws are actually a bloody good move, especially when you need that extra snuggle with all this bastard snow. What on earth is all this hideous weather about? It’s not for me. Get over it weather, move onto Spring already. The slushy snow I can just about deal but the wind is taking it too far. There I was in my little C1 (I like it ok) and I genuinely thought my car was going to take off. I had visions of me reaching moon and thinking how completely inappropriately dressed I am for the occasion. There really should be some kind of weather warning ‘anybody with tiny cars do not go out on the road today, your vehicle may get blown away’. Anyway I’m loosing my train of thought.

House shopping is all very new to me, I’m finding IKEA is my go to, not forgetting Dunelm and Wayfair is a bit of a treat to have a gander online. I wish I was a little more skilled in the DIY decor lifestyle, but painting really is as far as I stretch. You see all these fantastic decorated homes on Pinterest and Instagram and think, yeah I’m going to do that. No no, no you won’t Alice. Because you don’t have chunky bits of solid wood lying around ready to be made into a shelf. And don’t think I’ve not attempted the whole ‘Pinterest house vibe’. We tried hanging funky different sized photo frames in the lounge, tried being the operative word here. Top tip: don’t hammer nails into a brick wall, it is near the impossible to get the swines straight, or stay in the wall for that matter. We’ve left it for now, I think they look pretty edgy all lopsided and wonky. Pinterest eat your heart out.

Also… the biggest and bestest (I’m aware thats not a word but I think it definitely should be) news of all…We’ve only gone and bought A PUPPY! I feel like such a grown up. Its a very surreal feeling buying a little mammal, like, will he like me? What happens if he’s not keen on grey? So many unanswered questions. We have named him Norman, obviously. He’s a miniature dachshund. I will warn you now that when he arrives to the Munday-Cooper household that my Instagram is going to be taken over by tiny paws and every shade of puppy bow tie.

He’ll be nearly 4 months when he arrives, and I’m trying to research what food, toys, treats and so on that are best for him. If anybody reading this has a little Norman or Norma please drop me a message and let me know if you have any top tips? Much appreciated thank u thank u. I’m still mentally preparing myself for the amount of objects in the house that are going to get chewed, shredded and scratched… One thing I have learnt from puppies is do not leave anything unattended. When Wilf was a puppy I left my favourite blue and white checked trousers on the banister, Topshop, couple of weeks old, I think you know where I’m going with his, he’d decided that these would look much better with the ‘ripped’ look. I think he was trying to help me out bless him, hinting I needed to get more up to speed on my fashion, but I definitely learnt my lesson. Will came home with his first toy at the weekend, its a cuddly Giraffe… with a squeaker in it, I’m really not sure how long that bad boys going to last.

Anyway thank you for taking a read of my nonsense chatter. I hope to chat again with you soon. My next room to paint is my art/blogger/makeup room, so wish me luck, I mean its going to be all white so luck isn’t really required. But I’ll keep you updated on my decorating and hopefully find some good bargains I can share with you all.

Curly Bob

Isn’t it crazy that Christmas has just been and gone and it’s January? Boy what a peculiar month January is. It’s like a limbo month. Why don’t I fit into any of my jeans? You bloody know why Alice, it’s all them bastard pigs in blankets you devoured on Christmas Day. Why is everybody saying that they are going to be a new person, how is this possible?! And don’t even get me started on what a bizarre period of time after Christmas but before New Years is, what the parsnips is that about? What day is it? What year am I in? Have I drunk that whole bottle of wine today, or was that yesterday? Is it still yesterday? It really is a completely clueless time. And then BAM you’re suddenly in January and everybody’s pledging to be sober for the month? The new year really does do wild things to us all.

But anyway, the point of this blog is to talk about hair not Christmas. So recently a lot of you lovelies have been asking how and what I do with my hair. So I thought what better than boring you all with it by putting it in a blog with some rather disturbing selfies (just to liven it up, you know?) Hairs a tricky thing. Some days you’re like ‘uh-huh honey that hair is totally happening for you today’ and then some days it’s like Monica’s when she goes Barbados. ‘ITS THE HUMIDITY’

So here I am. I’ve just blow dried my hair and ready to get curling. Quick brush and cheeky oil through the ends and I’m ready.

Spritz the heat protecter all over. So so so important for your hair before any heat being applied. Get them straighteners at the ready, whilst warming, section your hair. I use straighteners just because I’m not very confident with curlers and I like to make full use of my GHD’s but I’m sure curlers are fabulous for this as well, as it’s in the name, curling tongues. I then wrap the straighteners round my hair in chunks and pull/twirl downwards. At first I look like I have poodle ears. Which actually is a look I feel we should fashion more?!…

I really don’t do anything particularly special and I think it’s made a lot easier by having short hair. After doing this on both sides, singing into a hair brush and attempting round the back. I’m going to be completely frank with you all I don’t like doing the back of my hair, it always feels unnecessary like I’m never going to see it? But no seriously don’t follow my bad habits. I then brush it out very lightly so that it softens the curls a little.

Once lightly brushed through and going over with the straighteners curling any sections that have slightly dropped I hairspray underneath the hair giving it more volume and scrunching it with my hands. Mousse works really well also, in fact you can really play around with what products you can use to volume the hair, sea salt spray is another goodun for volume and texture but it’s really down to personal preference.

Bish bash bosh, here we are. Really nothing special, just a bit of curl here and there but I hope this has helped. Now you make sure you enjoy the rest of your January and also make sure that if any of you try this to send me a pic I love seeing how everybody else does their hair. Thank you for reading you wonderful humans. LOVE AL x

Welcome to Alicehood

HELLO! Hello! Hello! Goodness me I’m sorry I’m back. Heavens it’s been a true Alice whirlwind, with plenty of wind. So guys. Guess what. I’ve only gone and bought a house with my amazing WillJam. So please be forgiving of my lack of natters, unless you’ve been thinking ‘will this girl give it a break’. Regardless I am here to bore you to death with all my life antics.

House hunting can only be described as a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster…that makes you want to cry and feel frustrated and needs more money. So we began our hunt to buy our dream home. The first house had one of them ‘Gavin and Stacey’ moments, you know the bit? I mean it did have a shower, but it was one of those ‘best not think about again’ type places. I didn’t know where to look. The estate agent was an unnerving man, who I can’t be fully confident was even an estate agent. Any who, swiftly moving on. After looking around about 7 properties we found the one. It’s a surreal feeling, something extremely special and overwhelming. As we both walked in, me and Will locked eyes on each other as if to say ‘bloody hell this is it’. You know the look? It just felt like our home, except it wasn’t? Utter madness. We put in an offer and here I am with my heating on 12 degrees because we’re not made of money, Christ. With a cuppa tea, sitting in my own bloody house. Not bad for 22 eh!

Oh don’t get me wrong I miss home to bits, my mum and step dad truthfully are my best friends not to mention my 3 pups. Luckily I’m only 5 minutes away and stay over perhaps more than they’d hope.

This living like an adult business is certainly something you need time to get used to. ‘Have I turned off the lights’, ‘what should I make for dinner’, ‘do I really need 7 cushions on this sofa?’ Damn Ikea for it’s beautiful cushion designs. And what’s with the extremely unnecessary amounts of milk you get through?! Not to mention to remember to take the bins out, having your own garden? The thought of it. You know you’ve reached a new chapter/low of your life when you’re counting down the days for when your sofa AND POUFFE are going to arrive.

My favourite room. Nothing needed doing to it, all ready to live in and its just perfect. Made a little more perfect with my Dunelm Mill kettle and toaster. Next Home tea, sugar and coffee pot and not forgetting our adorable Anthropologie butter dish. The only room we’ve painted so far is the living room. We started on one wall, layers and layer of white, up til 11 o’clock with Paolo Nutini on repeat. We were cut short when we ran out of paint and the heaps of snow decided to selfishly ruin our Sunday painting plans. I came back after work one day to find Will and his friends had gone undercover and surprised me by painting the rest of the room. Bless their little 90% cotton 10% polyester socks.