Curly Bob

Isn’t it crazy that Christmas has just been and gone and it’s January? Boy what a peculiar month January is. It’s like a limbo month. Why don’t I fit into any of my jeans? You bloody know why Alice, it’s all them bastard pigs in blankets you devoured on Christmas Day. Why is everybody saying that they are going to be a new person, how is this possible?! And don’t even get me started on what a bizarre period of time after Christmas but before New Years is, what the parsnips is that about? What day is it? What year am I in? Have I drunk that whole bottle of wine today, or was that yesterday? Is it still yesterday? It really is a completely clueless time. And then BAM you’re suddenly in January and everybody’s pledging to be sober for the month? The new year really does do wild things to us all.

But anyway, the point of this blog is to talk about hair not Christmas. So recently a lot of you lovelies have been asking how and what I do with my hair. So I thought what better than boring you all with it by putting it in a blog with some rather disturbing selfies (just to liven it up, you know?) Hairs a tricky thing. Some days you’re like ‘uh-huh honey that hair is totally happening for you today’ and then some days it’s like Monica’s when she goes Barbados. ‘ITS THE HUMIDITY’

So here I am. I’ve just blow dried my hair and ready to get curling. Quick brush and cheeky oil through the ends and I’m ready.

Spritz the heat protecter all over. So so so important for your hair before any heat being applied. Get them straighteners at the ready, whilst warming, section your hair. I use straighteners just because I’m not very confident with curlers and I like to make full use of my GHD’s but I’m sure curlers are fabulous for this as well, as it’s in the name, curling tongues. I then wrap the straighteners round my hair in chunks and pull/twirl downwards. At first I look like I have poodle ears. Which actually is a look I feel we should fashion more?!…

I really don’t do anything particularly special and I think it’s made a lot easier by having short hair. After doing this on both sides, singing into a hair brush and attempting round the back. I’m going to be completely frank with you all I don’t like doing the back of my hair, it always feels unnecessary like I’m never going to see it? But no seriously don’t follow my bad habits. I then brush it out very lightly so that it softens the curls a little.

Once lightly brushed through and going over with the straighteners curling any sections that have slightly dropped I hairspray underneath the hair giving it more volume and scrunching it with my hands. Mousse works really well also, in fact you can really play around with what products you can use to volume the hair, sea salt spray is another goodun for volume and texture but it’s really down to personal preference.

Bish bash bosh, here we are. Really nothing special, just a bit of curl here and there but I hope this has helped. Now you make sure you enjoy the rest of your January and also make sure that if any of you try this to send me a pic I love seeing how everybody else does their hair. Thank you for reading you wonderful humans. LOVE AL x


Welcome to Alicehood

HELLO! Hello! Hello! Goodness me I’m sorry I’m back. Heavens it’s been a true Alice whirlwind, with plenty of wind. So guys. Guess what. I’ve only gone and bought a house with my amazing WillJam. So please be forgiving of my lack of natters, unless you’ve been thinking ‘will this girl give it a break’. Regardless I am here to bore you to death with all my life antics.

House hunting can only be described as a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster…that makes you want to cry and feel frustrated and needs more money. So we began our hunt to buy our dream home. The first house had one of them ‘Gavin and Stacey’ moments, you know the bit? I mean it did have a shower, but it was one of those ‘best not think about again’ type places. I didn’t know where to look. The estate agent was an unnerving man, who I can’t be fully confident was even an estate agent. Any who, swiftly moving on. After looking around about 7 properties we found the one. It’s a surreal feeling, something extremely special and overwhelming. As we both walked in, me and Will locked eyes on each other as if to say ‘bloody hell this is it’. You know the look? It just felt like our home, except it wasn’t? Utter madness. We put in an offer and here I am with my heating on 12 degrees because we’re not made of money, Christ. With a cuppa tea, sitting in my own bloody house. Not bad for 22 eh!

Oh don’t get me wrong I miss home to bits, my mum and step dad truthfully are my best friends not to mention my 3 pups. Luckily I’m only 5 minutes away and stay over perhaps more than they’d hope.

This living like an adult business is certainly something you need time to get used to. ‘Have I turned off the lights’, ‘what should I make for dinner’, ‘do I really need 7 cushions on this sofa?’ Damn Ikea for it’s beautiful cushion designs. And what’s with the extremely unnecessary amounts of milk you get through?! Not to mention to remember to take the bins out, having your own garden? The thought of it. You know you’ve reached a new chapter/low of your life when you’re counting down the days for when your sofa AND POUFFE are going to arrive.

My favourite room. Nothing needed doing to it, all ready to live in and its just perfect. Made a little more perfect with my Dunelm Mill kettle and toaster. Next Home tea, sugar and coffee pot and not forgetting our adorable Anthropologie butter dish. The only room we’ve painted so far is the living room. We started on one wall, layers and layer of white, up til 11 o’clock with Paolo Nutini on repeat. We were cut short when we ran out of paint and the heaps of snow decided to selfishly ruin our Sunday painting plans. I came back after work one day to find Will and his friends had gone undercover and surprised me by painting the rest of the room. Bless their little 90% cotton 10% polyester socks.

Microblading Magic

Well hello there my Munday Feeling readers, remember me? My apologies for the lack of blog posts over these past few weeks its been such a whirlwind recently. How is it November already? One minute its August 2005 and you’ve got the hardest decision of going for a pink or baby blue playboy pencil-case, and then BAM before you know it years have gone by and you’re beginning your Christmas shopping in 2017. Sometimes you wonder if your afternoon nap has simply gone on too long?

So, on Saturday I got my eyebrows microbladed. Woo! This is super exciting for me as its something I have always wanted to get done. What is microblading you ask? I’ll leave this part to google as explaining things has never been my forte. Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, “microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. So basically, in short, I’ve got bloody amazing brows, that will last 12-18 months, with 0 hassle.

For my microblading I went to ‘Brows of Steel’ which is a an amazingly talented lady called Soraya. She is based in Leicester and in a salon called Spoilt. Such a cute, cosy, shabby chic salon which made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed.

Ok, I’m going a bit ‘X-Factor’ now but one of my reasons I really wanted microblading was because I suffer from something called trichotillomania. I didn’t know it actually had a word for it, but apparently that is its name, I tend to just call it ‘my eyebrow picking thingy’. Basically its a condition where for many a reason (stress/self harm/ anxiety/addiction) you pick out your eyebrows/eyelashes/hair. For anybody reading this that also does this… hello friend! you’re not alone! My eyebrows were getting to such a bad point that on one side they were as bold as a banana, so basically this treatment means so much to me for reasons a lot of people might not even know. I guess the whole thing with trichotillomania makes you feel rubbish about yourself and extremely self conscious. A lot of people haven’t heard about it, so that’s why I thought I’d put it in the blog to let others know you’re not alone. Top tip, because it wouldn’t be a Munday feeling blog without one, for anybody that suffers from this, I’ve found by popping some Vaseline or oily balm on to your eyebrows, even eyelashes and hair, this should make it a lot harder for you to pick.


After 2 patch tests and a few signatures here and there I was ready to rumble with my appointment. I have 3 tattoo’s so I’m not going to lie I was feeling a little cocky about my pain threshold. Firstly me and Soraya had a consultation about what sort of eyebrows shape I wanted, the colour and so on. With a quick tidy done, Soraya got all mathematical and casually whacked on a stick on ruler to my forehead and started drawing the outlines. With me 100% happy with the thickness, shape, colour we began. 

It was a very strange sensation because it didn’t hurt per se… but just a little uncomfortable. Put it this way, my pain threshold isn’t quite as good as originally thought. My leg kept on twitching which was the most irritating part, trying to remain completely still but also trying to control a leg that’s having mini break down wasn’t ideal. Goodness pull yourself together hun. If it wasn’t for the numbing cream and adrenaline that’d been put on I think my whole body would have been having a twitchy melt down. Soraya was such an angel throughout the whole experience, so patient with me and the out of control leg and made sure that I was okay, showing me through out the development. This treatment is fabulous if you have sparse eyebrows like myself because as you can see from the before and after, its flipping magic.

Once the first treatment is completed, I then booked in for my top up treatment in 4-6 weeks time. For the aftercare Soraya put together a delightful little ‘after care goodie bag’, with instructions of what to do now, including baby shampoo, cue-tips and oil. It is so essential to follow the after care steps for the best possible results, and it was made super-duper easy with this personalised goodie bag.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and have a natter with Soraya, make sure to use discount code ALICEBROWS10 for 10% off.  I can only imagine this is how Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) feels in Pretty Women when she gets all suited and booted and the pretty woman music comes on dum dum dumm. ‘You people work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.’ You know the bit. When shes fierce, sassy and unstoppable. If you don’t know the bit, watch Pretty Woman now for goodness sake.

Munday’s Makeup

How do you sum up a Monday? Golly gum drops, where to begin? Mondays are similar to when you dunk your digestive in your brew and linger too long so the biscuit is no longer. You are left with what can only be described as a very sad snack. However what I’ve realised is Monday makeup doesn’t have to be a soggy biscuit at the bottom of your mug, it can be so much more.

Prepare yourself for some pretty peculiar if not hideous selfies my lovely Munday readers, that may scar you for life. 

The base, also known as the face

Hydra Genius Aloe Hydrating Water is what I use before applying any makeup because it’s basically the biz. It’s moisturising, gives your skin a boost and works cheddar gorge as a base before applying any products.

Foundation- Stila ‘All Day Foundation & Concealer’

Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

2 in 1. Can’t go wrong. I’d never tried Stila foundation before but my goodness it’s dreamy. When I first brought it I didn’t even realise the concealer was on the lid, that was a delightful hidden bonus. The coverage is strong without it feeling thick or heavy on your face. I’d highly recommend if you feel like mixing it up and trying a new foundation.

Contouring – NYX Sculpt & Highlight

We know I love this product, it’s what I like to call a ‘winner winner chicken dinner’. Here I am displaying it ever so well in picture number 3 with the classic 2007 pose. Slap it on, blend with a sponge, jobs a goodun. It’s beautiful for adding in that extra definition of them cheeky bones! NYX have made a beautiful creation at the cost £9.00.

Bronzer- Benefit Cosmetics ‘Dallas’

For a little extra bronze I’ve added Benefits Dallas blusher. That’s right, blusher. But I use it as a bronzer?! Somebody calm me down. This step isn’t essential as you’ve already got your bronzer from the NYX product, but it’s just in case you’re painting the town red. Or, alternatively prefer a more matte finish to your makeup look.

Highlight- Becca Jaclyn ‘Champagne Pop’

Ok, the highlighter is a little bit more on the Posh Spice spectrum (a little dearer than the other products) but it’s so so worth it. Only a teeny tiny amount is needed so it lasts bloody ages, that’s the beauty of it. I guess it’s in the name ‘champagne pop’ a subtle glow giving the makeup look that extra ‘pop’. Amazing for in the corners of your eyes and for underneath your brows, just using a smaller brush!


Bloody hell don’t eyebrows make a difference? One minute they’re featuring in ‘Where’s Wally Eyebrow Special’ the next you can’t miss ’em! As I’ve spoken about before, my old faithful, the perfect wax and powder combo, Brow Zings. My partner in crime.

Eyeshadow- Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Subculture’-

Eyeshadow palettes are tricky I find, don’t you? You either love all the colours, half the colours, or love the colours but don’t know if they’ll suit your eye colour? Ridiculous amounts to consider. It slowly becomes a shadow nightmare. However fear not my eye-shadow warriors this palette I cannot rave about more. It’s actually borderline magical. Amazing colour choice, brush included and don’t even get me started on the pigment. Just setting your eyes on this palette and you’ve already got some on, it is that good.


Mascara– L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara Feline’Oreal-Paris-Volume-Million-Lashes-Mascara-Feline-9ml/p/608206?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIktCcwf_R1gIVC0AbCh1U0QhcEAQYAyABEgKFX_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CN_WxsL_0dYCFUS8dwod9ZUGjg

Lipstick – MUA Makeup Academy-

MUA matte lipstick. Try not to let out a little squeal but MUA lipstick is only £3 and it is fabulous. You just can’t go wrong? Don’t let the low price put you off because the quality is crackin’. There are so many lush colours and they’re really long lasting. I’ve teamed this lip with some brown eyeshadow on a hard angled brush (like always) just to add that extra definition to the lip.

And then pop on them straighteners do a bit of this, do a bit of that and I’m ready to go! … (to the local corner shop for nobody to see me, come back, snuggle up with a bag of family size Doritos in bed and binge watch A-Typical on Netflix.)

Barcelona Babes

Barcelona. B to the A to the R to the C to the E to the LONA. What a beautiful place. Have you ever been? If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend visiting. Me and Will have recently been and now I feel I’ve got a few Barcelona top tips up my sleeve.

First things first, spending money. Always a tricky one I find, don’t you? How much do I take? Oh ruddy Nora Janice why have you got £1,000, 10 packs of travel tablets, with what I can only assume is a lifetime supply of Werthers?! We’re only going for one night? It’s always a pickle. However we found when going to Barcelona, always take more than you think you’ll need. I was adamant that we had plenty of spendo, however regretfully now admit we did not take enough. We had a cocktail that came to a total of 22 euros, don’t get me wrong they were bloody good cocktails, however definitely no 2 for 1 deal if you catch my drift.

Any how, there are a lot of fancy restaurants which are naturally a little more pricey, however we found generally a lot of the eating places in the main city area that equally aren’t the cheapest. We went to a tapas restaurant on the second night and I suggested asparagus and brie, sounds nice right? We found it difficult to contain our laughter when it arrived, after I’d pushed and pushed for this dish… Lets just say Will wasn’t impressed.


Moving on swiftly. A place I must must must recommend to eat is ‘Brunch & Cake’, I mean its in the name, it serves brunch and cake. But it’s so much more than just your average brunch, it’s actually food art. Golly gumdrops. Such an amazing selection! There is sweet, savoury, a range of drinks, however everything has a slight twist to it. The inside is homely and quaint, with funky music playing and a very chilled vibe included, it really is a must go to when visiting the city.

Where to stay? We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Hotel Indigo Plaza Catalunya, which I must say was very fancy pants. Good job William. Right in the centre of the city, polite staff, extremely clean with a lovely seating area outside and a small pool. Phwoar, we felt like we needed to turn up in a limo it was so suave. However we didn’t turn up in any form of transport actually, merely dripping in sweat after walking for miles with panic on our faces. Ok, let me explain. I’ve perhaps over dramatised (very rare but it can happen occasionally). We get off the plane, go to get a taxi, simple. Tell the taxi driver our hotel address, simple? No. His words exactly are ‘impossible’. Without hesitation he bungs our suitcase into the back and ushers us in to the taxi. I laughed and say ‘impossible?’ much to his disgrace this was no laughing matter, no sir-y. With a raised tone and I’m not going to lie but a little anger in his voice he repeats ‘IMPOSSIBLE’. Oh fabulous. The taxi driver was extremely limited on English and the only reason we understood ‘impossible’ was because the Spanish for impossible is ‘imposible’. Looking at each other with complete fear, we finally arrive near the main city area, surrounding us was helicopters, police officers and thousands of people. ‘What is happening!?’ we say, several times. No response.

After driving round and round and round, he finally stops and tells us to get out, he can go no further and we must go. Filled with confidence and reassurance, we fast walk with our google maps in one hand and a suitcase in the other. It’s not long before we are quite literally walking in a sea of neon yellow tops. More and more helicopters appearing in the sky and dozens of armed police officers. Our fast walk quickly turned into a run. What felt like a life time later we finally arrived at our hotel, bravo to Will (again) as he remained cool as a cucumber and got us to safety. Apparently it was the National Day of Catalonia, so essentially a massive celebration type festival/carnival was being held, obviously. What a lark.

So, what to see? Barcelona is known for its many beautiful attractions but its hard to know what to see. Its fine if you’re there for a week or two, of course, however if it’s a weekend away you’ve got a lot of fit in! I’d recommend going on a ‘hop on hop off open top bus tour’. Although you may be thinking ‘cheesy pie’ its well worth doing and makes it so easy getting around the city at a reasonable price. I’d also suggest booking tickets for the main places you’re eager to go, especially the Sagrada Família as it gets extremely busy. We arrived there at 9 o’clock and got told we couldn’t have tickets to go in until 4 o’clock, so yes, just a little word of warning I’d deffo pre book.

Outfit- Missbella

Whilst I’m giving out word of warnings, I have a big top tip. Probably the biggest tip of the top. Hold on to your brew my fellow Munday’s. No ok I am being over the top now, but I would recommend if flying to look into using the ‘AeroBus’ as your form of transport to and from the airport as its super cheap and easy. Sadly, we weren’t told about this bus, naïve pair of fools. So it’s sadly time to leave our break, so the night before we ask to hotel to book us a taxi to the airport. Simple. The morning comes and we sit waiting, and waiting anddd waiting. 20 minutes pass and the taxi hasn’t turn up. The reception is ringing the taxi company, but no sign. 30 minutes pass and the receptionist is outside trying to flag us one down herself, bless her. We go out to help her only to realise taxis are nowhere to be seen for another good 3 blocks. It takes 35 minutes before this lady tells us that there is an AeroBus that comes every 10 minutes for half the price of a taxi and it’s just down the street. Before she can finish her sentence we have started sprinting. We’re desperately running out of time, I take off my 2 sizes too small bastard Peacock’s slip on’s because quite frankly they are slowing me down. So there I am in the middle of Barcelona, bare foot. We have quite literally no time. We felt like we were in a movie guys. I don’t know what kind of movie it is, it felt like a thriller at the time. Maybe ‘Girl On The Bus’. After much running, Will found us our bus stop. However we were then stuck between a bus for Terminal 1 and a bus for Terminal 2, our boarding pass had no such information. It was a disaster. And by this point I was sassy Alice. Charging up to a woman saying ‘WHAT TERMINAL’ we finally got on our bus. And quite literally, just managed to catch our plane.

Food for thought 

Grab that brew, go on. Some Oreos in the bicky tin and 1 sugar for me petal. 

First of all, I have some how, crazily managed to hit the big two zero followers on the gram. So I feel a pretty enormous THANK YOU is needed to all my Munday readers. You’re all pretty damn fab, thank you for reading my nonsense and nattering. 

So there I was, on the bus. I can drive but when going into the main town on a Saturday there’s so much a ‘to do’ about parking and what not, plus my driving anxiety means I don’t cope well with it at all. Anyone who has driving anxiety will understand this horrendous pain that is extremely difficult to solve? Unbelievable pressure to be a confident driver I feel. Any how, there I was on the Arriva and this older lady gets on. She is full of life, greeting the bus driver as though he’s her life long best friend. Again, anyone who catches the bus knows the horrendous pain of ‘the mood hoover bus driver‘. Golly gum drops. I tell you no lie but as soon as I step my little Aldi own pumps onto them Arriva’s a very small part of me dies. But this lady wasn’t letting it get in her way, heavens no. On she comes ‘well hello there David I’ve not seen you in a while I was worried about you, how have you been?!’ her vibrant South African voice waking the zombie mob on the bus. She then turns to us all (us being the zombie mob) and almost sings ‘and good morning all to you, how are we all today?!’ There was little insync ‘good morning’ back, almost like you know when your in assembly? Good morning Mr Wood, good morning everybody. 

She continued ‘what a beautiful morning it is, very fresh, very crisp. I just love mornings like this.’ Finding her seat she began faintly singing, with her beautiful patterened scarf wrapped round her head and long grey coat, clutching on to her walking stick, she looked content. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this story, that I know feels as though it may never end (it will I promise), is because I’ve came to realise how seriously the world takes itself. Ok yes it’s subtle, but this lady made everybody her friend. It didn’t matter who we were, where we came from or what we looked like. She just wanted to wish all of us a good morning. Simple. We live in such a confused, strict, politic filled world where life is taken far too seriously. Saying hello to somebody is as normal as somebody flicking somebody in the ear. It doesn’t often happen right? It feels as though everybody judges each other on practically everything? ‘Oh em gee did you see that Mary-Anne had a green smoothie rather than a pink smoothie, who does she think she is? She is so wanna be The Grinch right now.’ I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the nonsense that sometimes we completely forget about the important. We should all be like this lady on the bus, sing if you want to sing, smile at people, say hello, god damn it tell people that it’s a crisp morning. We are all humans, we all have sh*t going on, sometimes such a small simple act can change a whole persons day, just embrace each other. I went up to this lady when approaching my stop and said ‘have a lovely day’. Because she’d made my day, I wanted to somehow put a smile on her face. 

I believe these are the do’s in life. The things you should do. Don’t put people down to try and achieve the out come of you feeling better. Don’t mock beliefs. Don’t randomly form an opinion on somebody just because they are listening to rock and you only listen to hip hop. It’s easy to get caught up in this judgemental filled world where everybody is attempting to impress however fails at the simple act of projecting a smile at another human. 

‘Always treat people the way you want to be treated’. 

Watch Time Is It?


Well hello my lovely Munday readers. I hope you’re all well and are doing me proud by sitting in any glimpse of sunshine with a Pimms. Even if it means you quite literally dropping everything to sprint outside. What a complete palaver I’ve been having. I won’t bore you with the whole story as this isn’t what this blog is about and I don’t want you falling sleep. But I’ve been unable to do a weekly post like I normally do as I’ve been having a migraine that has been with me for 90% of the time for over 5 weeks- its still going on now. Earlier this week I went A&E because my whole body decided ‘CBA’ and I quite literally felt paralysed head to toe, with my left side completely unable to move. My vision was gone, I was more confused than normal (scary stuff) and I was unable to ramble on like I normally do? It quite literally managed to shut me up. Anyway with blood tests and head scans out of the way I’ve been told its a ‘hemiplegic migraine’. Migraines are just bloody bad news aren’t they? And then you always get the one person that goes ‘oh have you got a headache?’ No Susan, its not a headache, sit down and think about what you’ve just said.

Anyway enough with the violins, I always find it quite fascinating to see what jewellery people wear, don’t you? I feel as though it says a lot about them and their personality? Maybe that’s a little judgemental, but I mean it in the best, most wonderful way. A pearl necklace person is perhaps very sophisticated but god damn lets face it that lady means business, she has an ‘I’m an independent woman who sticks to her principles’ type attitude. Then you’ve got the crazy cool ear rings, this lady screams free spirt, the love of the quirky ear ring is to add individuality to everyone’s day. I know that my jewellery resembles me very well, infact the majority are presents from my paps. Lego earrings, button earrings, turtle earrings. You know name it, I’m queen quirky jewels.

I need to talk to you about this amazing company called Mococo. Its just beautiful. They have such a delightful taste in different jewellery and ideal for gifts.

Including –

  • Clogau
  • Thomas Sabo
  • Chlobo
  • Daisy
  • Olivia Burton
  • Swarovski


This is my new Olivia Burton watch from Mococo. I don’t want to brag or anything but LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS. I keep annoyingly turning to Will and saying ‘hey, hey Will ask me what time it is? Go on, ask me what time it is’, just so I can show off my new beautiful wrist accessory. Its got a beautiful rose gold strap which is perfect because it’ll last a ruddy long time and won’t need to get re-strapped. I also feel that rose gold with the white face will never go out of fashion. It goes with all my clothes? I feel very smug with this new piece of bling I must say.



In the above photograph I am wearing a Zara play-suit. That’s right, play-suit. I shocked myself when trying it on in the changing rooms. There I was, in Zara, about to try it on, obviously sweating – is it just me that gets extraordinarily hot in changing rooms? Would it hurt to have a bit of air con wafting around, really guys? You walk out of the extremely tiny curtain protected room to find yourself with numerous sweat patches, forcing yourself to put your hair up in a pony to cool yourself down and a full frontal SULA. Anyway, there was me thinking it was a dress, next thing I know I’ve got the leg hole round my neck, practically suffocating myself. Always look at the gusset ladies.

Whilst on the topic of bling, I am all about the jewellery brand ChloBo at the moment. I have recently got a bracelet and necklace and they are just the most beautiful quality and unique designs. I’m not going to lie to you, when I wear my pineapple necklace I feel the bees bloody knees.

Alternatively, there is also a website I have found recently called ‘Little Grey Moon’, which can also come personalised/customised.

My Pimms went a little mint over load as you can see. I do feel that over this bank holiday weekend I perhaps went a bit Pimms overload actually. Who knew that bank holiday Monday’s could actually be sunny?

My Mococo Olivia Burton watch came gift wrapped which I thought was a delightful touch. It was like having my birthday all over again. Some little chocolates and a scented card with tissue paper and a Mococo bag. I mean they’ve really made gifts easy for you.